Saturday, September 10, 2005

'The Rescue'

2 episodes

A short oddity, designed basically as a vehicle to introduce new companion Vicki. We see from the start that the Doctor is greatly missing his granddaughter Susan, and happenstance dictates that two episodes later he has a ready-made replacement. Nice little adventure, again, set on a sparsely-inhabited planet named, improbably enough, Dido. There is an excellent introductory performance by Maureen O'Brien as Vicki, adequate effects, a cherishably crap 'sand monster' and a neat twist in the tail. Another plus is a strong performance from William Hartnell, depicting the Doctor's loss in the surprisingly emotive opening sequence, and later as he takes Vicki in hand with grandfatherly charm and eloquence.


Episodes watched: 44
Episodes still to watch: 678

A two-episode day as I was busy working, then another old friend arrived in town for the weekend - now running 16 behind schedule...aaaargh!!

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