Sunday, September 11, 2005


Hmmm. It appears I may be mistaken in my episode count - Tony seems to think that (excluding the new series) 709 is the total ever episode count including 108 missing ones, and Doctor Who Magazine's Time Team listened to these to make up the count.

If true, then I have to either:

  • rejoice, because I therefore only have 600-odd episodes to watch in total under the terms of my 'Survival' bid, or

  • cry, because I have to go back and listen to all of 'Marco Polo' and part of 'The Reign of Terror' if I'm sticking as closely as possible to the ethos of this thing.

Anyone know the correct numbers for the surviving (watchable) episodes, then? Anyone reading this at all? No? Ah well... Could just look it up on the net, but I think I'll remain happily in the dark for a while longer yet...

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