Monday, September 19, 2005

'The Ice Warriors' episode I

6 episodes: 4 remaining

Well, it is a shame that not all of this story remains, but at least there's enough to get your teeth into here, for a change. It was only rediscovered in relatively recent years, as well. Only managed to fit the first episode in because rest of evening was taken up by regular weekly fantasy roleplaying session run by Locus and set in the universe of, yes, Doctor Who...! This story shows the structure starting to develop that would later become the norm, of beginning with the situation into which the TARDIS and its passengers are to arrive, before only introducing them to it a couple of minutes later. Cool opening titles, with 'THE ICE WARRIORS' and 'ONE' (rather than 'Episode 1') blurring in and out of focus against a snowfield background.

The scenery is magnificent, showcasing fabulous wintry snowscapes, with an excellent avalanche pulled off just minutes in. The team of scientists trying to hold back the march of the glaciers have an interesting leader in the shape of the hobbling Clent, and a relatively young Peter Sallis turns in a fine performance as Penley. There are some fun interplays between the supporting chatacters out in the icefields, and the monster they turn up gets just enough of a glimpse of screen time to whet the appetite for the next episode - or at least for the final three... Excellent funny sequence, too, where Jamie tries to encourage Victoria that she would look good in the skintight outfits worn by the Britannicus Base's female staff, and gets slapped down pretty brusquely for his troubles!

Episodes watched: 101
Episodes still to watch: 621

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