Thursday, September 08, 2005

'Planet of Giants'

3 episodes

Extremely fun little adventure. The Doctor, trying to manoeuvre the TARDIS back to 1960s London, makes a miscalculation and the ship's doors come open in flight. The resulting increase in "space pressure" causes the four occupants to be shrunk to an inch high - something they discover after wandering through the cracks in a garden path home to suddenly gigantic ants, earthworms, burnt matches and seed packets of night-scented stock! The sets and props are really quite brilliant considering the budget, with special praise going to the moving fly and the laboratory sink set. The plot - eco-awareness driven, unusually - rattles along, in part thanks to the pre-transmission editing of parts three and four down into a single episode, and while the adventure leaves no lasting impact on the travellers or the show as a whole, it must be one of the most enoyable to whack into the VCR for 70-odd minutes!


Episodes watched: 36
Episodes still to watch: 686

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