Tuesday, September 13, 2005

'The Chase' episodes I - II

6 episodes

Another good premise here, with the return of the Daleks; this time, they decide that the Doctor has made himself their enemy and so they construct a time machine to track him down and, well, exterminate him. The order to go and do this is given by the Dalek commander and promptly echoed in different voices by his team, which gives the lovely effect of the Daleks intoning "TARDIS...TARDIS...TARDIS" and "Annihilate...Annihilate...Annihilate" in five-part harmony. Meanwhile, the Doctor has got working his souvenir from the Space Museum, a 'Time-Space Visualiser', which the travellers use to peek at moments in history - so we get fun glimpses of Lincoln at Gettysburg, Shakespeare in Queen Elizabeth's court and, in a unique acknowedgement of contemporary pop culture, the Beatles performing on BBC1! Then they see the Daleks plotting to get them...

There is a nice separation sequence involving the extreme climate of the planet they've landed on, Aridius, which the Daleks subsequently follow them to. The Mire Beast that attacks Ian and Vicki, and later Barbara, looks good in an octopussy way and the Aridians are adequate. Classic moments involve the Doctor claiming "I have the directional sense of a homing pigeon" and Ian and Vicki pausing in their subterranean fleeing to verbally abuse each other. The four finally combine to distract the Dalek guard away from the TARDIS and make their escape, only for the Daleks to pursue them through eternity...

Will carry on with the rest tomorrow!

Six episodes today - ah well, at least I got the quota in... Am discovering the routine is increasingly taking over my life: I find that I start to get twitchy whenever my free time is spent doing anything other than watching old Doctor Who...!

Episodes watched: 62
Episodes still to watch: 660

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