Tuesday, September 20, 2005

'The Enemy of the World'

6 episodes: 1 remaining

Great dual performance for Patrick Troughton here doubling as Mexican would-be dictator of Earth, Salamander; with little more than an altered outfit and hairdo to differentiate him from the Doctor he succeeds in making himself practically unrecognisable through accent and expression alone. The Chef is one of the most humorous characters yet to crop up, wandering off out in the middle of preparing dinner and being for no obvious reason almost suicidally pessimistic. I get the feeling that the sets budget may have been an issue seeing as the character Denes is kept prisoner in a corridor, for crying out loud... As ever, wanted to see more, but alas only one lonely episode out of six survives, once again.


Episodes watched: 105
Episodes still to watch: 617

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