Tuesday, September 20, 2005

'The Ice Warriors' episodes IV - VI


Very pleased to report that this finished as strongly as it started. The Ice Warriors are an excellent addition to the legion of Doctor Who monsters, with an extremely impressive reptilian-Viking appearance and sibilant whispering voices. The snowbound scenery continues to be ravishing, the various cave-in etc. effects are pulled off with panache and there's even a plausible-looking bear attack on the Penley and Jamie. Peter Sallis's redoubtable Penley and Peter Barkworth's pressured Clent are two of the best and most understated supporting performances I've seen yet, and their antagonistic/complementary character stories play off each other extremely well up to and including a grumpily touching reconciliation. It is also fun to see Clent's assistant Miss Garrett turn into his 'enforcer' later on! The subtext of not letting humanity be subsumed by dependence on machines is well played out as well, especially as the Base comes under siege from both the encroaching glaciers and the Ice Warriors, with the all-knowing computer unable to make a decision that will guarantee their safety and Clent consequently unable to make a choice of action. Even Victoria's propensity to scream and wail at the slightest provocation is at one point turned into a tool by the enterprising Doctor in the Ice Warriors' ship... Excellent all round.


Episodes watched: 104
Episodes still to watch: 618

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