Sunday, October 02, 2005

'Terror of the Autons' episode I

4 episodes

Finally - after all this time I've finally seen an episode of Doctor Who featuring Roger Delgado's original incarnation of the Master. What was surprising was the distinctly underwhelming nature of his entrance - the Master merely materialises his TARDIS and walks into a scene near the beginning of the episode, introduces himself, and that's it - no build-up, no intrigue, no suspense, no nothing. Maybe they didn't realise what a big deal they were going to have on their hands... Delgado's performance is marvellous - restrained, civil, polite, persuasive, without ever turning into maniacal caricature as one might expect of a 'super-villain'. Of the titular Autons, there is no sign, which was also slightly surprisinng, so I look forward to seeing where they turn up!

Episodes watched: 171
Episodes still to watch: 551

Oh dear - only one episode tonight, as I was again distracted by an old friend visiting town and went out for the evening instead!

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